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On August 31, 2009 Attorney Stephen J. Berlinsky of Florida successfully completed an intensive 4 day course (or Boot Camp) concentrating in Mortgage Fraud actions, Bankruptcy Discharge litigation, Credit Reporting violations and other issues in assistance to consumers emerging from a bankruptcy case. Run by the well-known O. Max Gardner in North Carolina, Attorney Berlinsky attended the Boot Camp with fourteen other consumer bankruptcy attorneys from around the country.   

Attorney Berlinsky and his fellow trainees dissected 2000+ documents including internal lender policies, SEC filings, learning the the bank lingo and "secret" codes and hidden risks found in the securitization of home mortgages, auto loans and common consumer credit card debts. Attorney Berlinsky left the training as a proud and integral part of an elite national network of consumer bankruptcy attorneys armed with forms, letters, pleadings, articles and slides that show Gardner's Bankruptcy Litigation Model, which is designed to generate more economic benefits and options for the consumer. 

Boot Camp trainees learn from Gardner's forensic accounting system how to identify predatory lending by going through real cases to understand codes, transaction histories and unlawful fees and charges. Before the trainees are finished, legal assistants provide "real time" demonstrations showing how Gardner's system operates with "real life" cases.

Gardner tells Business Week in the article "Bankruptcy Boot Camp":
"My goal is to train an army of attorneys to take the fight right to the creditors and their Wall Street aiders and abettors. They wanted reform, and we're going to give it to them."

Mr. Gardner's Bankruptcy Boot Camp has been featured in Business Week and was recently the subject of a CNN segment on the show "Open Home" along with the director of the movie "Maxxed Out".

"It is an honor and a privilege to serve in the elite army of consumer bankruptcy attorneys recruited and trained by O. Max Gardner to handle the difficult matters which have caused incredible hardship to the average consumer in todays world. "   Stephen J. Berlinsky, Esq.

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Stephen J Berlinsky Esq. Survives Bankruptcy Boot Camp
"If its war they want, then its war they shall have."  O. Max Gardner, III

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